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A New Chapter In The Have Child Will Carry Story

Hi, Vicky here!

It’s taken me days to sit down and write this, which gives you an idea of how much thought and preparation has gone into our latest Have Child, Will Carry decision.

So, it’s with great sadness, but also a lot of hope, that I’ve decided to step down from Have Child, Will Carry, and leave our business baby in the nurturing hands of Kitty. In the last year, I have increasingly had to take a backstage role, and it seemed increasingly obvious to us that something needed to change. It’s been the hardest decision to make, and I’ve cried a lot, but this is the right move for us to make.

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I fell in love with babywearing with a stretchy wrap borrowed from my sister, over four years ago. When we outgrew that sling, Kitty was on hand with a rainbow mei tai for us to borrow. From that moment, we inspired each other with our babywearing adventures. We had no idea of what awaited us…

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It’s been three years since Kitty and I set up Have Child, Will Carry – initially with three other interested babywearing mums. When they went on to different challenges in the first three months, Kitty and I became the partnership in charge! In truth, we’ve been a partnership for a lot longer than that, as dear friends, and we’ll be a partnership until the end.

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When we started HCWC we had just fourteen slings, and no idea of the amount of work we had set ourselves up for! The work naturally divided itself between us and we’ve both been able to use our greatest strengths in the last couple of years, as well as challenging ourselves to learn things outside our comfort zones. We attended our babywearing consultancy training together and, between us, have grown into a thriving and busy sling library that helps people around the country!

Baby wearing shop and uk postal hire sling libraryOUR ‘BUSINESS PLAN’!

From the beginning, we had to incorporate HCWC into an already full schedule. My daughter was just a year old when we started this, and I had just gone back to work. I’d also started a counselling diploma, so my life was FULL! But I felt so passionate about sharing this wonderful gift with other people, that I knew I could make time. For the first two years, I used holiday time to be able to run sling meets! I would use evenings to answer e-mails and prepare carriers for postal hire, and I would use lunchbreaks for post office runs!

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After a personal loss last year, it became clear I couldn’t keep running at that pace. One of the greatest characteristics of my relationship with Kitty is our fluidity, and Kitty very kindly understood my need to take a step back, and for her to almost completely take over the running of the library. I was still involved in decisions backstage, and still had every intention of returning to a more active role, but I needed time.

Well, my need for time hasn’t disappeared. So I feel like I’m making the right decision. This past year, I have completed and passed my counselling diploma. I’m also five months pregnant, and ready to throw myself into my time with my new baby, when she arrives in June. After that, when I return to work, it will be in my new counselling role, which will challenge and delight me, and take up A LOT of my time! In many ways, I just don’t know what I’ll do without the library and our working relationship, and the special encounters I get with so many lovely parents and caregivers. But then I look at my personal stash, and I re-live my days of babywearing – ready to do it all again when the time comes.

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I know where my priorities need to be; it’s the family I love so much, and the work that I’ve dedicated myself to in the last four years. I’m so passionate about the difference that babywearing can make in the relationship between babies and their parents, and I still feel like I’ll be very much involved in that connection, just in a different capacity.

In fact, I was reading a book last night that finally inspired me to write this little post, which was describing the importance of healthy attachment:

“In addition to serving as a secure base for exploration, a haven of safety, and as
a source of reassurance for a distressed child (the hallmarks of the attachment function),
parents do many other things for children. For example, parents ‘‘provide stimulation
for the child that may or may not be appropriately modulated. They provide guidance,
limits, and interactive support for problem solving. In addition, they support the child’s
competence in the broader world, for example by making possible and supporting
social contacts outside the home’’ (Alan Sroufe)

I was reading that for work, and those words just jumped off the paper! That’s what I’m involved in in counselling. And that’s what I’ve loved about helping you all find the right carrier for me. And that’s why, alongside being pretty and fun and cute and enjoyable and handy and handsfree, I think babywearing can be so LIFE CHANGING; it helps us to do all those things. Securely tied or buckled to us, we can be their haven of safety.

We can reassure them in their distress. We provide appropriate stimulation, when they’re up at our eye level, and we explore the world with them. We guide and protect them, and we interact with them as we show them how to open doors, or acknowledge people in the street, or throw a stick for the dog. They see us in our competency, and they learn about the world. It’s so wonderful that it makes me shiver.

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So, I need to say three thank yous. Firstly, to one of the great loves of my life, Kitty, for being my Kin and my business partner. We’ve had the most wonderful adventure together, and we’re rightfully proud of our work and our relationship. I wouldn’t have done this with anyone else. Our babywearing adventures together aren’t over, as we await my new arrival, and I hope that we have the joy of working together in the future. I don’t have the words to quite say how much our relationship means to me, but I know we both feel it.

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Secondly, to my family, who have supported me and understood that my passion for babywearing sometimes meant I had the laptop open longer than I wanted, or that I couldn’t pick up dinner in my lunchbreak because I was too busy queuing at the post office. My sister, who was the one who introduced me to babywearing, my mum who looked after my daughter when I was at the sling meets, and my husband, who is my supportive partner in all things. And my daughter, who inspired this entire journey!
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And, before this becomes a little too much like an Oscars speech, a thank you to all of you – THANK YOU. It’s been a genuine thrill to work with so many families – I have met so many special people, and shared in so many special moments; what a privilege to have crossed paths with you all. I’ve lost count, but I would think that Kitty and I have supported over 500 families in the last few years. That’s 500 families that hold their babies safely and securely, ready to explore the world together. What an honour to be involved – thank you for letting me be a part of your babywearing journey.

Love, Vicky xxx

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year from Have Child, Will Carry!

2015 has been fantastic for us, thank you to all of YOU lovely bunch for supporting us to support you all over the last twelve months (and years previous!)

We’ve got some exciting changes in the air here at HCWC HQ which we’ll be sharing soon but tonight this meme popped up on my newsfeed which reminded me of a certain person I’m lucky enough to know.

Now, if you can’t do a public display of affection on New Years Eve (when I originally wrote this post) then when can you? So apologies now if it gets a bit mushy and embarrasses you Vicky haha!

I saw that meme after getting off the phone from an hour long chinwag with you and I instantly knew that our New Years post should be about giving thanks, and what is one of the things I’m grateful for over the last year?

It’s working alongside my Kin (aka Vicky) who has become one of my best friends over the years. It is a privilege and something that happened totally organically. Neither of us knew how and if it would work and or if it would change the dynamic of our friendship, but it’s been incredible and I’ve personally learnt so much and am a stronger & braver person for it!
The love, time and commitment that’s needed to set up a library/consultancy is more than either of us imagined BUT for me almost every minute has been a joy over the last few years and that’s down to a tasty combo of you (the lovely hirers and likers of our page) THANK YOU for all your loyal custom and for spreading the HCWC word.

Muchos thank you too to Vicky for all yoir hard work and well, for just being you… few people ‘get’ me and put up with my bullshite like you do/have!

THANK YOU and Happy New Year!

2016 is going to be incredible! *raises glass

Love Kitty x