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*Giveaway now ended* Woven Wings & The Have Child, Will Carry Collective GIVEAWAY 

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Have Child Will Carry, Buy A Baby Carrier, hire and buy baby carriers based in Kent
Join The Have Child, Will Carry Collective & Woven Wings to celebrate the three year anniversary of our West Kent Sling Meet (based in Tunbridge Wells)

Woven Wings, Have Child Will Carry, Buy A Baby Carrier, Hire A baby Carrier

Via the sling meet we’ve been able to support hundreds of local families with their child carrying needs (we’ve also managed to enjoy a LOT of the yummy cake that Trinity Theatre’s Cafe has available to buy!)

It was through starting the sling meet that in time led the way to the birth of HCWC so I feel that it deserves a big celebration!

Earlier in the year the sling meet celebrated its third birthday and one of our original West Kent Sling Meet founders Christina (who then went on to create the amazingly luxurious and beautiful brand  Woven Wings – which by the way is THE place to stalk if you’re looking for stunning woven wraps to carry your children in!) has very very generously given us a BEAUTIFUL wrap to give away as a sling meet birthday present for YOU!

Click the link below to join in the fun!

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Thanks for your ongoing love and support!

Kitty x

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Girasol Wraps Make Me Happy! 

If you love beautiful fair trade handwoven woven baby wraps, you’ll probably love Girasol!

Buy A Baby Carrier (Part of the Have Child, Will Carry Collective) is very proud to be a reseller of Girasol baby wraps and carriers.

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Founded in 1984 Girasol have been producing consistently great fair-trade, handwoven baby wraps and tie on carriers (MySol) at affordable prices ever since!
My first ever woven wrap was a Girasol, I was hooked on the beautiful rainbows that they offered and still am years later!

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Why I love them:
* They only use pure untreated cotton, no pre-bleaching or chemical finishing or brighteners are used.
* Handwoven by select weavers using the ancient skill of diagonal (twill) weaving, this weave structure has great elasticity and provides excellent support from newborn right through to pre-school age children.
* Can be washed at high temperatures (Girasol say up to 60°C but to expect a small amount of shrinkage after the first wash) I say also to expect some dye run off so wash with similar colours to avoid dye transference as with any new textile item.
*They are soft and sturdy, the more they are wrapped with the softer they get!
*Please note – These are handwoven wraps and so as a result Girasol wraps and ring slings are sometimes prone to very minor weaving inconsistencies including small pulls (loops of fabric), weavers knots and skipped threads.
Small weaving inconsistencies will not affect the usability of your wrap.

Wraps may on occasion also have tailor’s chalk marks (often found near the centre point of the wrap) they are used to help position the middle marker and they will wash out.

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Kitty (That’s me, it’s weird writing in 3rd person!) is a hand weaver, baby wearing educator and sling librarian and I check over all wraps and carriers to ensure that they are safe to be sold/used before they are posted to you!

To visit my shop please click any of the images above or here…

Love Kitty x