Consultations and Workshops

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Live in or near to Tunbridge wells, Kent?
Want to spend time with me learning more about how to carry children safely and comfortably?

You do? HUZZAH! You’re in the right place! Keep reading…

Don’t live locally but would like to find a consultant local to you? Follow THIS link (opens in new window) and you’ll be taken to the Sling Pages where you’ll hopefully be able to find someone nearby to help you. If you can’t see anyone in your area then do feel free to get in touch and I’m happy to help you track one down as there are new people training all the time and sometimes Sling Pages can’t keep up!
Right, back to consultations and workshop info….
All consultations are run by me (Kitty), to learn more about me please visit the About page.


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Do I need a private Consultation/Mini Workshop?
You could benefit from a specially planned and dedicated session if:

You’d like to try out different carriers and to get advice on what would be best for you in your own time and in a more relaxed setting than a larger group setting. You’ll get my full attention and won’t have to hang around waiting to be helped.

You’d like to learn how to use a new carrier or to learn new carries with your current carrier/s (e.g. if you’re ready to move on to back carries, but would like some help) and have the chance to try them out and practice without being rushed.

You have a specific or special need related to using carriers or slings that you’d like time to discuss in detail with us to help find you a solution.

You’d like help troubleshooting carriers that you own to ensure that they are suitable and that you’re able to make the most out of them.

You’re a group of friends with babies at the same age/stage who’d like a group workshop together.

What happens during a Consultation or Mini Workshop?

Before you come along it’s useful for me to know a bit about your needs, and what you’d most like to get out of the session.
We’ll also have a chat about this at the start of the consultation.

During the session we’ll cover sling safety and positioning, plus whatever you need – whether that’s the features, pros and cons of suitable options, how to use a specific carrier or carriers, or how to do a new carry safely and correctly.

We’ll practice carries using a weighted doll and with your own child and take as much time as you need to feel confident. We try to cover as much as possible without rushing – we want to make the best use of your time, but not to overload you with information that you won’t take in.

After a session we can provide support by email and phone if you’ve got any follow up questions and to send links to online tutorials or further reading if you need.


Where are Consultations and Mini Workshops held?

I am usually able to travel to you to give a consultation in your home or a selected venue that is mutually convenient to us.

Do be aware that I may not be able to bring all of the carriers, slings and equipment with me and so will have a reduced selection to work with but I bring a large selection with me based on the information gathered in the pre consultation questionnaire I send you.

How much do Consultations and Mini Workshops cost and how long are they for?

Prices depend on the consultation required (see individual listings for prices)

A standard private session or group Workshop lasts for 2 hours to allow time for needing to change and feed babies mid-session.

Shorter sessions of one hour are available for those with very specific individual needs, or who are returning for a follow up session.
Can I bring other people along?

Consultations and Workshops to work best if you only bring the adults and children who are going to carry/be carried.
For private sessions that you’re attenting as the only adult, you’re welcome to bring a family member or friend for support/an extra pair of hands if you’d like though I will only be working /teaching you they are welcome to assist you with your child if you would like.
Though you’re welcome to bring along older children, they can be distracting and so you may find you get more out of the session if you’re able to leave them with someone for the duration of the session.

Are you qualified and insured?
I (Kitty) originally qualified as a Babywearing Consultant (OCN Level 3 accredited) with the School of Babywearing in 2013, I have since completed an additional course with the Slingababy Babywearing Consultant School.

I have both public liability and professional indemnity insurance (feel free to ask to see my certificates) and am fully insured to run Consultations and Workshops as well as to lend and sell carriers and slings through the Sling Library and shop.


*Some of the wordage on this page originates from the amazing Emily at South London Slings, at the time of needing to hastily create this page to keep up with demand I lost the ability to write coherently but will be updating it with my own garbled writing style as soon as I can (Oct 2016)