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My Little Shop Of Loveliness 

It’s LIVE!

Baby wearing shop UK, Baby wraps and carriers to buy

Phew, it has taken a while and it’s definitely still in ‘Beta’ mode BUT it’s open and ready for shopping!
More brands/stock will gradually be added in as I unpack and photograph them.

I am really, really excited about this next chapter in the Have Child, Will Carry story.
Over the years so many of you have wanted to support what HCWC do by buying directly and it’s taken time to set up and raise the necessary funds to launch but its thanks to all the support and great word of mouth advertising of this project that I am now a proud reseller of some of the many brands that I adore!

The name, while not the most ingenious of names I am a huge fan of keeping things simple (I’m a simple creature!) and so wanted a name for the shop that was as descriptive as possible in this world of complicated online navigation! Seeing as the hire shop is called ‘Hire A Baby Carrier’ it just made sense.
Yes I do sell toddler wraps/carriers too but that’s just too long winded to add in! 🙂

Would you like a sneaky peek??? (each image is also a link that opens in a new window)

Buy A Baby Carrier UK, Girasol herring rainbow wrap

Buy A Baby Carrier UK, part of the Have Child, Will Carry Collective, is proud to sell Girasol Woven baby wraps and carriers


Buy A baby Carrier UK, Girasol woven baby wraps, baby carriers, to buy.          Buy A Baby Carrier UK, Didymos woven wraps and carriers available to buy



Because this is my first shop stocking I only have a few sizes in each style but I will be re-ordering as soon as I sell out so if you see something is out of stock then feel free to Email Me if you want to find out when more stock will be arriving.

Please be patient with any teething problems I experience, I’ll try my best to make everything run smoothly but I’m not always the most tech savvy individual and my ability to spell seems to have disappeared so typos are inevitable in the early days (until my Mum proof reads it for me – Mother if you are reading this, get cracking!!! hahaha)
I am planning some exciting shop launch giveaway celebrations soon too so if you haven’t already then so sign up to the HCWC newsletter (at the bottom of this page) and ‘like’ the page on Facebook (opens in new page) to stay in the loop!
Thanks so much for all your love and support over the years, I couldn’t have done this without you all!

Love Kitty x

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